A Strong Heart

A Strong Heart



Coeur = Means Heart in French…

Courage is to have a strong heart

Hello bright ones 🙂

It is not always easy to keep up the momentum, to stand your ground, to push forward after you’ve hit a wall…

That’s ok- we all feel that. Everyone goes through it when they are trying to pave a new way, start a new project, or simply be true to their own uniqueness…You are not alone, sweet one. Be strong. Be courageous in the face of adversity. One of my dear friends says when he is having a day from hell…”That’s ok…it’s just adversity training,” and he smiles…

All of those out there who are aspiring to some sort of goodness, and just feel like it isn’t coming together…like the odds are stacked against you…like you are alone…

Be advised, you are not alone. We are here…many more. And we are all in this together (even if we can’t see one another). Take care of each other. Take it one day at a time. And please…don’t you ever give up the good fight <3

Find your courage…grow your strong, strong heart.



PS- If you need a little boost…watch this <3 Truly beautiful…and also my favorite song to play! 😉



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