Passion is the Key to Activating Your Life!

Passion is the Key to Activating Your Life!

Hello out there to all of you Passionistas and Passionisters!!!

Passion is one thing that turns on the light of the heart! You know what I’m talking about! πŸ˜‰ The side of you that comes out when something gets your blood flowing, your mind heightened, and your being vibrating…what’s your passion?!

Think about your days, and find a moment (or a whole day!) when you felt incredibly ALIVE! Not just happy, or content either…when was a time that you could feel your life-force moving through you???

Do you play the violin, and when you pull that bow across the strings your whole being just moves in your skin?

Do you play soccer and when you’re on that field you see your biggest strength burst forth?

Do you feel most refreshed and at peace when you are preparing a meal?


Does creating art transform your mood?

Does performing on a stage make you feel full of exhilaration?

Do you swing dance, and “somehow” have the energy to dance on for hours all night long?

Does being in nature wake up all of your senses?

Do you come alive when you help a child to learn a new skill?

Do you find that after you write something that you have more energy after it’s done?


Tap that energy people!!!

That is your passion activating all of your cells, your heart, your mind, and move through you…that is your life-force and it has great potential to heal, energize, and mobilize your life!

Practicing your passion makes you a better YOU πŸ™‚

Discover what things in life wake up your innate power and goodness.

Find what it is that vibrates your being.

Unlock the key to lighting up the very best parts of your soul!

Good luck my sweets!

Live Passionately! Fill Up With Life πŸ˜‰




Believe in the one’s you love.

Believe in the one’s you love.

Hey! How goes it fine people out there πŸ™‚

(Title says it all today, really…but I shall elaborate!)

Sometimes someone we deeply care for seems, well, hopeless…as if theyΒ  just don’t have a shot. Whether that be a shot at med school, a shot at paying off their debt, a shot at walking again, a shot at getting sober, or a shot at not sabotaging every relationship they have…whatever it is…

You love them but you throw your hands up, or you condemn them in your mind (or even with your words).

Well, today I am telling you to do the opposite. We are always told to do what “feels right.” Ok…yea, sometimes, depends on the context. In MANY cases what is best is to do what is counter-intuitive, or in other words- what doesn’t feel “right.” Like…believing in the person who seems like they haven’t got a shot in hell. Why? Because people become what we think of them. Once in a while…a really strong person wont let a thing in the world stop them from success, inner and outer. But most of us are impacted greatly by so many things, and I do think most of us have had to work pretty hard for the things we have overcome or accomplished…bottom line is- the way we think of each other has a profound impact.

You can either lift someone up, put them down, or keep them where they are at…

I say lift ’em up, lift ’em up, lift ’em up high <3

Treat them like you Believe in them- and magic just might happen…

Good luck all!

Much Love,


Connect the dots!…Find the positive viewpoint in a situation.

Connect the dots!…Find the positive viewpoint in a situation.

Hello fellow Connect-the-Dotter’s!

I am talking to all of you analytical types…Yes, you! πŸ™‚ Sometimes we become very good at finding the negative attributes or possibilities in any given situation. What if we did the opposite? What if we let love lead, not fear?

You know…fear of being wrong, fear of being lied to, fear of being cheated, fear of failing, fear of being disliked, etc…

What if we just told all of those fears (that are the root cause of negative thought patterns) to shut up? Yep- and instead, discover the good. Discover what potential gifts are waiting where you had imagined a negative outcome, etc.

And, IF you happen to currently be surrounded by many people who have created a lot of fear for you- that’s ok. You can still practice this way of seeing and experiencing things and they may shift some of their negative behaviors (but don’t count on that). Moreover, you will begin to attract more people like you, who are living in the light of love, not fear. People who you can trust, count on, and enjoy…most of the time πŸ™‚

But what is most important about all of this is the light that you are creating for yourself. By seeing things in a more positive way, you are able to feel joy in so many more situations πŸ™‚

So! Connect those dots! πŸ™‚ but let them lead you along the positive path. Let them line up with Love. <3

You can do this πŸ™‚



We are like sponges! Improve your mood today!

We are like sponges! Improve your mood today!

Morning beautiful people! πŸ™‚

How ARE you today???…I ask this often, but seriously. How ARE you feeling today? πŸ™‚ Can you take a moment and answer that with complete honesty? Just to yourself…

Β Β β—Š β—Š β—ŠΒ  It might take a minute to get that real answer if you’re not used to asking yourself….take one deep breath πŸ™‚Β  β—Š β—Š β—Š

OK :)… is this a state of being that pleases you? That you feel good about? That you aspire to? That is indicative of your highest essence?

If the answer is “yes”…then, YAY! πŸ˜€ Give yourself a huge hug! lol…

If the answer is “no”…you will want to look around a bit- notice what is in your environment.

Your mental environment

Your social environment

Your physical environment (including food & drink)

The environment of your past

The environment of your visions of the future

The environment or your home, work, and social settings

The environment of your media

We are like sponges. Some of us more or less “absorbent” than others, but we are picking up things ALL the time. These things have an effect on you, whether you are aware of it or not.

We have the ability to create are sense of wellness by creating healthy and vibrant environments to exist in. Go through each one of those listed above, and see where you may be able to shift things to support a more life-affirming mood each day. Consider things like: what colors am I surrounded by? what thoughts am I thinking? (see previous blog) What things do my friends say? How does the lighting make you feel? What music do I listen to? What movies and shows do I watch? Were the meals I ate processed or fresh and full of life? Am I breathing deeply or shallow? Do choose clothes that I feel stifle express me? What do I write on my Facebook?…You could on and on…

Get a feel for your environments, and see where you have the power to increase the vibration and elevate your mood.

Do you wish to feel more patient, positive, kind, open, optimistic, resilient, strong…Then fill your environments (to the best of your ability) with the things that will affirm these states of being.

Make your sponge full of the stuff you want to be πŸ™‚

Below is one of the things I love to surround myself with…joyous images πŸ™‚

AND hilarious animal memes πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

Hope you find yourself is the brightest of spirits my dears!

Β Love,


Chemistry and the Self…(Plus Anias Nin :) woot-woot!)

Chemistry and the Self…(Plus Anias Nin :) woot-woot!)

“Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it…Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~Anais Nin

Ohhh dear ones! πŸ™‚ How ARE we today!?

Anais Nin is one of my favorite writers…she has a way of sparking the heart with her simple (yet profound) truths! Just love her. πŸ™‚

But anyway…of her quote above- ugh! This is so cool people!!!! πŸ˜€ Think about it…just by forming new relationships with people we get to discover and create more of ourselves! That is magical. What a gift we are to one another πŸ™‚

Think about it, think of each one of your friends or family members or coworkers or teachers…the way in which you are changed by them, reveal more of your own truth, or are able to sculpt yourself more into the highest version of your essence!…Speak English you say? πŸ™‚ OK…

Just think of what each of these people creates for you. As experience. As knowledge. As challenge. As Awareness. As opportunity. As love…

You are more or less “you” by the chemistry you create with other people. Two people are just like two chemicals! πŸ™‚ When they come together- they are changed by each other.

I think now how profoundly some people have completely changed my life JUST by being who they are. That’s what I’m talking about πŸ™‚ Do you know some of these people in your own life? Make sure you tell them πŸ™‚ It will bring a smile into both of your hearts to do so! πŸ™‚

Go make some beautiful chemistry, and have a beautiful day, my dears! <3



The seed of the Heart

The seed of the Heart

Hello my little seedlings!!!! πŸ™‚

It is so true! That we grow in the same way that seeds become brilliant flowers, or burst into fruit-bearing trees…

If we are given the support needed we are able to use the darkness, to push against it, strengthening ourselves. With this new strength to draw ourselves closer to the light we are able to rise above the darkness to reveal the new blossoms it has yielded.

Take root in fertile soils. Take root in a place that will shed water to refresh you, and light to guide you. Plunge yourself into the unknown of your dreams…

Do not fear the darkness or the struggle…just seek and follow the light until, like the seedling, you have grown to burst forth into life!

Next time you feel the pressure…next time you feel you are in darkness…

Remember the seed of your heart, and seek the light. <3



Blend Out!

Blend Out!

β€œYou laugh at me because I am different; I laugh because you are all the same.”
~ Daniel Knode

A few years ago Oprah opened a school for girls in South Africa. During the formation of the school and the admissions process they were airing some of the interviews with the girls. I recall, and still hear in my head sometimes, what one amazing young girl said. She told us that she did not want to blend in, that we should try more to “BLEND OUT!” What I think she meant, was that we should not try to all be like one another so that we feel as though we “fit in or “belong” to something, but rather, grow in our uniqueness so that we can put that out into the world and enhance the circles we come from…not make them more…the same..

(Audrey Hepburn rockin’ the skateboard)

I also recall a more recent speech given by Emma Stone at the MTV Movie Awards this year. She was presented with a new award they had created called the “Trailblazer Award.” As she accepted the award, she told the crowd that she hopes for them in light of this “Trailblazer” concept…“that you’ll continue to harness your own originality and what makes you unique ’cause I know that when you’re a teenager β€” sometimes when you’re an adult β€” what sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.”

We are all unique, and it is a LOSS to our communities and our world if we do not offer our individual selves to it. Be PROUD of your differences- they makeΒ  you, YOU. πŸ™‚



Between Certainty and Unknowing…

Between Certainty and Unknowing…

Good day brave people!

Growth and progress depends on the flux between certainty and unknowing.


Perfect knowledge that has total security from error, or the mental state of being without doubt.


Not knowing or aware. Lack of awareness or knowledge.

Β We must pulsate with life in many ways- this is one of those ways. We go through the period of unknowing so that we can attract new awareness’s that a focused and certain mind may not pick up or be open enough to process. This is not to say that when we are certain about something that we are closed-minded or not sharp enough to pick up new concepts.

What it means is that by allowing ourselves to be a bit precarious, and “wandering” we have the type of perspective that can see new doors, and peek into them. It is when we decide to walk through these doors that certainty is being tested and formed. At a point in the process of unknowing we find ground to stand on: certainty. It is at this point that we make significant progress. When we are totally committed to a cause and can omit doubts, this leaves all of our energy and efforts for progress in a certain direction.

But…at a point in that journey, in order to gain more expansion in our visions- we must slow ourselves again, and wade through the space of unknowing. If we allow it, our minds and lives will create this ebb and flow for us naturally πŸ™‚ Our path may shift to better serve our gifts and our dreams as it evolves, and it is this ebb and flow that allows for that.

Embrace the times of unknowing that come in your life, and when it is time to commit to a certain path- take it up with courage, with certainty.

Let life breathe you, and you will always feel alive πŸ™‚



It’s all about perspective people πŸ˜‰



β€œMan cannot remake himself without suffering,

for he is both the marble and the sculptor.” Dr. Alexis Carrel

Word up, Dr. Carrel…Hey all! πŸ™‚

Seriously…this is quite the relief, no? Sometimes we think if something hurts we must retreat- that something is wrong. Well, what if your mother had done that during childbirth?! When we were born…there was pain, and struggle, but for what? The birth of a whole new life into the world! Big stuff.

We go through this very same thing on other levels and in other ways as we grow brighter in who we are.

The shedding of old habits, the formation of a new one…These processes are not without struggle, and sometimes great inner pains. But that is because something new is being born in you…and perhaps something that does not serve you is being cut out.

Sometimes when we hurt- it is for good reason, and it is not in vain.

Just think of a addict when they are going through withdrawals…it is NOT pretty, but it is necessary and right action to take. Remember that the next time you have to make difficult choices, or remain steadfast through an inner struggle. It is marble you are cutting…

Be strong and bright as a diamond, and the diamond, you will become <3

Blessings Sweet Ones,


Against all odds…

Against all odds…


Hello citizen’s of the heart!

I have been thinking a lot this past week about “the odds.” About all of the struggles, obstacles, inner and outer critics that we we face when we try to live our hearts desire. I am becoming more and more comfortable with the idea that you will be challenged greatly- that your dreams will require your great strength, and steadfast belief in them to match these challenges. I am becoming more comfortable with the idea that we will more than likely be asked to try again, and again, and again…and you must not think you are failing. It can be quite hard…just keep on though. Just keep on. It will come. I think, possibly the problem with most unfulfilled dreams is that we decide at some point that it is ok to give it up. That we tried and failed…It seems those people who are living their dreams simply refused to give up. It was not an option. I wonder what the world would look like if we all behaved with that level of dedication to our hearts…

I was at a conference recently where an amazing young woman was being presented with an award for her accomplishments in the are of educating girls and women in Afghanistan. She had many odds to face on her journey. It is her story, and the many stories like hers throughout history that inspire me to keep on…when all looks bleak, to believe in the face of immense adversity.

The young woman’s name is Noorjahan Akbar, and she is just 20yrs old. Born in Afghanistan during a turbulent time, she was fortunate enough to have the support from her family that she needed to obtain an education, and develop the world-changing organization that she runs. The website for her organization is called Young Women for Change. There is also a blog that they keep, which you can visit here and it gives some information on Noorjahan’s story. They also have a Facebook where you can learn about their efforts and show support.

Β Your dreams belong to YOU. These are the things you were created to do…and there MUST be a way, or you would not have ever been made. YOU are the way, the world is the reason, and life is the medium. Create. It is YOUR destiny, and you cannot fail if you refuse to give up. Keep on…

One multi-Grammy winning actress didn’t decide to act until she was over 60…she was one person I thought of as well this week…and how our dreams can sneak up on us. Perhaps you don’t know what your hearts desire is. Well, then your work is to not give up on discovering that…everyone has one, but maybe some are meant to be saved for a certain time. Believe. Keep on…<3

Β Your dreams belong to you, and you are the way.

Keep on, bright ones, keep on <3